Same Day Services Are Offered Upon Location & Availability

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We Are The Wetmore Appliance Repair Experts

Southwest Appliance Repair specializes in the provision of oven repair, refrigerator repair, ice maker repair, washer repair, and dryer repair in Wetmore, TX. We repair appliances that make your home a comfortable, welcoming, and convenient place to live. Our appliance repair services are focused on extending the life of your appliances and enhancing their performance.

Our Repair Guarantees

Once you call Southwest Appliance Repair to schedule your service, you are guaranteed certain things.

They include:

If your appliance is in an extremely bad condition or if it is too old, Southwest Appliance Repair technicians will tell you. We do not want you to waste money repairing an appliance that will break down again shortly after repair.

We Offer Emergency Urgent Repairs

We know that nobody knows when their appliance will malfunction. Therefore, we are always standby to provide our refrigerator repair, dryer repair, oven repair, or washer repair in Wetmore, TX. Call us whenever you need urgent repair and we will be glad to provide it in an efficient and professional manner.

Our team has repaired different makes, models, and brands of appliances. That means we know how appliances in most households in Wetmore, TX operate and their prevalent problems. Call us now to book an appointment for your washer, dryer, or refrigerator repair in Wetmore, TX!