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Although your dryer is designed to last for decades, it will develop problems down the line. When this happens, you have to schedule its repair with the right experts. But, what’s the cost of dryer repair? Basically, the dryer repair cost is one of the major factors to consider when this appliance develops a problem. In fact, the cost of repairing a dryer will influence your decision on whether to repair or replace this appliance.

Generally, the cost of repairing a dryer is largely dependent on the problem that needs fixing. Nevertheless, dryer repair can be inexpensive if you have the problem addressed early. Southwest Appliance Repair SA has professionally trained and experienced technicians that will address any dryer problem.

Save Money with Dryer Repair

When your dryer malfunctions, you definitely have to weigh your options. For instance, you have to decide whether to repair or replace the dryer. Essentially, dryer repair is cheaper than dryer replacement. Nevertheless, there are factors that you should consider when making the decision to repair or replace your faulty dryer. These include the age of the dryer, the extent of the damage, and how it operates. There are cases when replacing an old appliance with a more energy-efficient, modern dryer is more reasonable economically. Nevertheless, if you have a relatively new dryer, having it repaired professionally will most likely save you money. It may also extend its life span.

Electric or Gas

Repairing gas-powered dryers is riskier than repairing electric dryers. That’s because gas can hookup and there is the risk of carbon dioxide leak during the repair. Therefore, a gas dryer can cost more to repair than an electric dryer. Nevertheless, this depends on the problem to be fixed. A gas dryer can have problems with flame sensors, igniters, thermal fuses, and gas valves. An electric dryer on the other hand can have problems with fuses, heating element and thermostat.

Cost of Dryer Repair\

Generally, technicians charge between $30 and $100 to diagnose a dryer problem. The cost of repairing a dryer might be higher depending on the part that fails or needs replacement. It’s therefore important that you call Southwest Appliance Repair SA to get a quote for your dryer repair. Our dryer repair cost is the most reasonable around. And we provide an excellent customer service. Our team will leave your home when certain that you are satisfied by our service. Call us now to get a quote for your dryer repair.