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If your electric stove malfunctions, don’t attempt to repair it on your own. Instead, schedule electric stove repair with Southwest Appliance Repair SA. Basically, your electric stove runs on a very high current. It uses more power than standard 110 appliances that are found in most homes. That means if you attempt to repair your faulty electric stove when you don’t know what exactly you are doing, you can sustain serious injuries. At Southwest Appliance Repair SA, we know how this appliance functions. We also know how to fix major problems with electric stoves. Some of the electric stove problems that we repair include the following.

An Electric Stove that Doesn’t Turn On

If electricity doesn’t get to the burners of your stove, it will not turn on. But, before you call to schedule its repair, check to ensure that it is plugged in properly. If that’s not the problem, check its breaker box for a tripped breaker or fuse. If you can’t solve the problem by checking these, call us.

Coils that Don’t Heat

The coils of your electric stove may not heat if it has a loose connection. If something gets stuck between the stove and the coil element, this problem can occur. Maybe you have not plugged in the coil from the loose connection. You may also not be on the appropriate element. If you can’t solve the problem by checking these, the burner might have an internal problem. Give us a call.

The Stove Produces Sparks

When you turn your stove on, it might produce sparks. This is something dangerous and you should turn off the stove and give us a call. Damaged element or loose connection of wires could be the cause of this problem. Nevertheless, don’t take an unnecessary risk by trying to use your electric stove in that condition. That’s because the sparks can burn you. Instead, call us immediately.

Malfunctioning Indicator Light

When the burners turn on properly, there is no element problem. However, an indicator light may not function if the control switch is defective. In that case, call us for assistance.

Burner Temperature Not Adjustable

The burners of your electric stove might get extremely hot and no efforts to adjust the temperature might work. In that case, the switch for internal ignition might be the problem.

Basically, there are many reasons why an electric stove can malfunction. Nevertheless, our team is always standby to fix any of your electric stove problems even the ones not listed here. Call us any time to schedule your electric stove repair with experienced technicians.