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Effects of a malfunctioned fridge can be detrimental to the functionality of an entire kitchen. That’s why many homeowners want to have their faulty fridges repaired as soon as possible. But, what’s the average fridge repair cost?

On average, you can expect to pay for the labor of two to three hours when you schedule your fridge repair. You may also have to pay for parts that need replacement. As such, most homeowners are billed a fridge repair fee of around $250 to $300. Nevertheless, there are ways via which you can keep the cost of your fridge repair down.

How to Lower Fridge Repair Cost

To keep the cost of repairing your appliance down, consider replacing an old fridge. That’s because an old fridge might have many parts that need replacement. And even after replacing the parts, you may eventually have to replace the appliance. What’s more, look for a reputable and honest fridge repair service. It’s only honest appliance repairmen that will tell you the exact problem of your fridge and the amount it will cost you to repair the appliance upfront.

What Fridge Repair Involves

Before you schedule your fridge repair, it’s imperative to know what exactly the repairmen will do or what you are paying for. Typically, the cost of fridge repair covers the troubleshooting operation. This entails performing tests on component failure. The total appliance repair costs may also include supplies, parts, and service materials. Planning, time, and equipment cost may also be included in the cost. It’s however important that you ask the service provider in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

At Southwest Appliance Repair SA, we provide affordable and professional fridge repairs. All our repairs are done by experienced professionals using modern equipment. To know your fridge repair cost or estimate, give us a call and request a quote.