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Southwest Appliance Repair is among the best company to call when you need affordable appliance repair in Tomball, Texas. Big-ticket appliances can undoubtedly cost you a lot of money to replace or repair when faulty. Ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other machines represent a significant investment. Therefore, when one of these appliances malfunctions, it can affect your budget negatively. For this reason, every appliance owner tries to extend the lifespan of these appliances.

Although the repair bills for big-ticket appliances can be steep, you can lessen your financial blow when they malfunction. Here’s how to get affordable repairs for your appliances in Tomball, Texas.

Call Southwest Appliance Repair

The idea of fixing your faulty appliance without seeking the assistance of a professional can be tempting. However, you might spend more money fixing the machine alone than when you seek professional help. That’s why you should call Southwest Appliance Repair to request a free estimate once your appliance malfunctions. If you agree to the terms and conditions of our service, we will send a team to come to your aid right away.

Our crew has established a sterling reputation for providing superior and safe appliance repair services. We fix all types of appliances regardless of their brands, sizes, and ages. Our technicians met the highest safety and quality standards when repairing appliances. Be confident that you will get friendly service and value for the money you will spend on our service.

Since our team comprises trained and experienced professionals, we will take a short time troubleshooting and repairing your appliance. We’re familiar with common appliance issues and error codes. For this reason, we will repair your faulty appliance more efficiently, safely, and professionally.

Check the Warranty

Among the things you should always consider when purchasing new appliances is the warranty. That’s because the warranty will cover you if the device needs repair. Some home insurance policies also cover essential appliances. Although you may spend more money on such insurance covers, they could save you if your appliance malfunctions.

If your appliance is not old, the warranty could still cover it. Therefore, check whether the warranty covers the repairs that your machine needs. If lucky, you might not pay the involved labor costs.

Check the Manufacturer Warranties

Big-ticket appliances have manufacturer warranties. However, such warranties are primarily limited. But, they can help you save money on appliance repairs in some cases. The majority of manufacturer warranties cover factory defects and not damage that may arise from your negligence.

That means your appliance warranty might cover you if the issue is the manufacturer’s fault. However, most appliance issues are likely to arise from the negligence of their users. That means you’re likely to pay for the damage because the manufacturer warranty won’t cover you. What’s more, most appliances come with a 6-month warranty, though it can extend to a year. But terms of manufacturer warranties vary from one company to another.

Perform Regular Appliance Maintenance

Appliance Repair
Appliance Repair

For your appliances to perform their duties efficiently and effectively, they need regular maintenance. For instance, your stoves, ovens, washing machines, and refrigerators need regular cleaning. Without proper care, your appliances won’t perform optimally. A dirty device may eventually stop working because it wears down quickly.

What’s more, a poorly maintained appliance consumes more energy. That means you will end up spending more money on energy costs. And if the machine eventually malfunctions, you will spend more money than you would on its maintenance. That’s why you should hire experts to perform regular maintenance on your appliance. Alternatively, clean the device if you have time, skills, and experience.

Prepare for Appliance Repair

In some cases, appliance repair specialists charge depending on the time they spend at your place repairing your faulty machine. Therefore, preparing for the appointment can minimize the time the appliance repair specialist will spend at your location. Hence, you can save the time you spend on your appliance repair.

For instance, you can drain your washing machine, remove all clothes from your dryer, or empty your dishwasher before making a service call. Regardless of the device that you want the experts to repair, try to minimize your labor charges.

Schedule an Inspection


Appliance inspections enable you to determine the condition of your machines. If you have big-ticket appliances, you want to be sure that they are in good working condition. That way, professional technicians can identify minor issues and fix them before they become full-blown problems.

Addressing some issues before it escalates can prevent the complete breakdown of your appliance. It can also help you maintain the optimal operation and energy consumption of your devices. Essentially, avoid waiting for your appliance to break down to call an expert to fix it. Instead, hire a professional to inspect your machine periodically and ensure it’s always in good condition.

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If looking for affordable appliance repair in Tomball, Texas, call us today. Our crew is available to fix any of your faulty machines at any time. Whether you have a garbage disposal, ice maker, washing machine, or any other appliance that you suspect has a problem, we’re here to help you. Don’t wait for the device to shut down completely. Instead, call us to inspect and repair your appliance today.