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Appliance repair

South West Appliance Repair is the company to call when looking for the appliance repair service Houston TX residents and businesses have always counted on. We know how frustrating a faulty appliance can be. Our goal is to ensure that your faulty appliance is up and running as soon as possible. 

Don’t endure the disruption and frustration that a malfunctioned appliance can bring into your daily life. Whether it’s a dishwasher that has made washing dishes a nightmare or a washing machine that has malfunctioned when you want to do the laundry, we can help you. We are professional and prompt. Our technicians will come over to your home and fix the faulty appliance so that you can go back to your normal life. 

In some cases, a faulty appliance can expose you to the risk of water damage and mold growth. It can also expose your home to electrical fire risk. That’s why you should not try to fix a broken appliance unless you’re an expert. Our technicians are professionally trained, experienced, and equipped with the right gears, parts, and tools. That means your appliance and home will be safe when you enlist our appliance repair service. 

The Appliance Repair Service Houston TX Residents Always Trust

South West Appliance Repair is the leading company when it comes to fixing broken appliances. Our technicians can arrive at your home within minutes of contacting us and start repairing your faulty appliance immediately. Only trained and experienced technicians provide our appliance repair service. And, we fix all major appliances. 

Whether you have a faulty fridge, oven, stove, washing machine, dishwasher, or dryer, we can repair it. Our service van is always loaded with genuine and OEM parts. We have also invested in modern appliance repair tools and equipment. This enables us to provide the most efficient and reliable appliance repair service. 

Regardless of the problem with your appliance, we’re confident that our technicians will fix it. Some of our technicians have undergone brand-specific training. That means they have undergone training in the companies that manufacture appliances. As such, they know how to diagnose and fix different problems with those appliances. Be confident that your faulty appliance will be fixed professionally and efficiently once you enlist our service in Houston, Texas. 

When to Enlist Our Houston Appliance Repair Service

Many people don’t know when to hire experts to fix their appliances. Maybe something is wrong with your appliance but you’re not sure whether you should be concerned. Well, many signs should prompt you to call South West Appliance Repair. 

They include: 

  • A leaking washing machine: Noticing a leaking washing machine is easy. But, you may not notice it if the leak is small. Unfortunately, even a small leak can lead to the total breakdown of your washing machine. Clothes might not come out clean and water can fail to drain properly. If you also notice soap residue or damp clothes, call us to schedule your washing machine repair appointment. 
  • Unusual noise: A noisy appliance is unusual. So, if you notice an unusual noise coming from your appliance, don’t ignore it. Whether it’s your fridge, dishwasher, or oven that is making an unusual noise, get in touch with us because it could be a sign of a serious problem. 
  • Unstable appliance: Maybe the lights and bulbs are flickering or dim-down when you turn on the appliance. In that case, your appliance could be having an electrical malfunction. It’s, therefore, crucial to have the issue addressed by an expert. Even if your dryer or washer starts vibrating abnormally, don’t ignore the issue. Call us to fix the issue. 
  • Under-heating: Several reasons can hinder the temperature of your appliance from reaching the right levels. And, you might not solve the problem by increasing the temperature settings or running the appliance longer. This can even lead to irreparable damage. To avoid damaging your appliance further, contact South West Appliance Repair. 
  • Rigid buttons: Maybe some buttons on your appliance are not functioning at all. The knobs on your stove might be hard to press. This could be a sign that your appliance is about to malfunction. Don’t for this to happen when you can call us to fix the problem right away. 

Even if you don’t know the problem with your appliance, our technicians will diagnose and fix it. Just schedule your appointment with us when it’s most convenient for you.

Contact South West Appliance Repair Today!

Nothing feels worse than having an appliance that you invested a significant amount of money on yet you can’t use it when you need it the most. Luckily, you should not endure this frustration further when you can have your appliance fixed within minutes. 

Our technicians are always on standby. They will come to your home, restaurant, or office in Houston, Texas, and fix your faulty appliance within minutes. Since we’re confident in our skills, experience, and ability to deliver excellence, we provide a warranty for our repairs. Thus, you’re guaranteed value for money because you get a lasting repair. 

What’s more, our technicians will answer any question that you might have regarding our service. And we can come to fix your faulty appliance at any time of the day or night. We also provide appliance repairs over the weekend. Therefore, don’t feel stressed by an appliance that breaks down when you want to use it. 

Call South West Appliance Repair to get the appliance repair service Houston TX residents have always relied on to get their faulty machines up and running.