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A dryer is a valuable appliance that saves you a significant amount of time. Many people depend on this appliance due to the convenience that it brings into their laundry rooms. As such, when the appliance breaks down, the experience can be quit frustrating. Even if the dryer does not break down completely, running it can be inefficient in terms of energy consumption. That’s why you should seek help of a reliable dryer repair company the moment you notice spikes in monthly energy bills and slow drying among other problems.

At Southwest Appliance Repair Houston Texas, we have been repairing dryers for years. We also perform regular maintenance on both gas and electric dryers. Our technicians have the skills, tools, and experience to repair your dryer when faulty.

Quality Services by a Reputable Dryer Repair Company

Our technicians have earned us an excellent reputation with their ability to deliver superior and efficient dryer repairs. Your dryer has a rotating drum known as a tumbler. This circulates the heated air while evaporating moisture. This process produces humid air that is pushed via a venting system outside the house. This creates a dry air room which enhances the process of drying clothes. We have a team that can repair and perform maintenance on any part of your dryer.

Our technicians have specialized knowledge of both gas and electric dryers. This combined with our use of innovative tools enables our technicians to diagnose and fix dryer problems quickly. Be confident that your faulty dryer will be up and running within minutes once you let us repair it.

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Whether you have noticed a minor or major issue with your dryer, give us a call and we will be glad to repair it.

Some of the dryer problems that we fix include:

We repair all major brands of dryers including Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung, LG and GE. Call us now to engage the service of the leading dryer repair company!