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Southwest Appliance Repair provides the dryer repair Houston TX service that you can count on whenever your machine starts acting up. If your appliance breaks down, you may not know what to do or how to have it fixed. Luckily, you can trust us to get your machine up and running efficiently. Just get in touch with us to set up your appliance repair appointment when it’s convenient for you. 

Your dryer may seem like a simple appliance. But, it’s a great machine that dries wet clothes whenever you put them into its drum. However, if your appliance develops a mechanical problem, it becomes risky. Some dryers can even catch fire when faulty. That’s why you should not ignore or postpone your dryer repair appointment if you suspect something wrong.

Most dryers do not show warning signs when faulty. Some people switch on their appliances only to be confronted with a dryer fire that usually has devastating consequences. Therefore, be keen when using your appliance and act immediately if you suspect something wrong.

Professional Dryer Repair Houston TX

If you suspect that your dryer needs repair, don’t take the risk by trying to fix the problem without professional assistance.  As hinted, a dryer can cause a house fire if faulty and not fixed properly. That’s why you should stop using your dryer if you suspect that it has a problem and call Southwest Appliance Repair immediately. 

Even a squeaking noise can indicate a problem like a faulty drum belt. If your appliance is overheating, don’t use it before an expert checks it thoroughly. In some cases, replacing your dryer could be the most economical approach. However, it’s worth considering some dryer repairs. Our technicians will guide you accordingly after inspecting and diagnosing the problem with your appliance. 

For instance, drum bearings, a new belt, and a thermostat are simple repairs. Hiring us to provide such repairs is a cost-effective approach. Our technicians will advise you on whether repairing your dryer is better than replacing it. What’s more, we can provide scheduling cleaning for the condenser and filters to ensure that your appliance lasts longer and serves you better.

Affordable Dryer Repair Service in Houston, Texas

We know that you do not know when your dryer will break down or require repair. That’s why we offer an affordable service that won’t strain your budget. However, we do not charge the same amount for all dryer repairs. That’s because every appliance requires unique service. However, certain pointers can help you determine how much dryer repair will cost you. 

They include: 

  • Dryer type: Washer-dryer repair and gas dryer repairs cost more. That’s because these appliances are complex to diagnose problems and their repair can take longer. 
  • Replacement parts: If your appliance has parts that have to be replaced, its repair will cost longer. That’s because we will have to purchase the replacement parts and fit them in your appliance. 
  • Protection: How long do you want the repair warranty to last? A longer warranty will cost you more because it provides extended protection. 

We know that you want to get value for your money when hiring experts to repair your dryer. As such, we assess your appliance to determine whether its repair is better than replacement. What’s more, we focus on providing a lasting solution to your appliance problem.

Fixing All Common Dryer Problems

Our technicians have undergone extensive training and acquired hands-on experience in the repair of common dryer problems. If your dryer has stopped functioning or is not running efficiently, get in touch with Southwest Appliance Repair. We will dispatch a team that will come to your home, assess your appliance, and pinpoint the problem. We provide same-day dryer repairs and next day repairs. 

Among the dryer problems that we fix include: 

  • Dryer not heating 
  • Drum not turning 
  • Dryer not starting 
  • Malfunctioned door switch 
  • Broken belt 

Our technicians are fully trained to fix these and other dryer problems. What’s more, we provide a warranty for our workmanship. This should guarantee you the quality of our services.

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Maybe you have noticed a faulty code on the dryer display. It could be flashing lights or insignificant grouping of numbers or letters. Understanding the faulty codes shown by the dryer is always tricky. Luckily, our technicians can interpret the codes for you. We have been dealing with different dryer models, makes, and brands. We know what fault codes mean and how to fix different dryer problems. 

Similarly, if the door of your dryer won’t open or the appliance is producing a bad smell, we can fix it. We will also repair your dryer if it can’t complete a cycle. Some of these problems are caused by faulty thermostats, motor carbon brushes, and bacterial build-up. Just contact us and we will fix your dryer problem. 

We’re the best local dryer repair experts that you can call at any time in Houston, Texas. Our crew can repair your faulty dryer even over the weekend. Just contact us to schedule your appointment at the most convenient time for you. We guarantee you a quality, efficient, and affordable appliance repair service. 

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