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Southwest Appliance Repair provides dependable dryer repair in Pinehurst, Texas. We have highly trained technicians with vast hands-on experience repairing different dryer models and brands. We also install this vital appliance in residential and commercial buildings, apart from fixing faulty dryers. So, if you need help installing an electric or gas dryer, call us for an appointment booking or request a free estimate.

Our technicians have received extensive and rigorous factory training to ensure they handle every dryer professionally and with the utmost care. We know that a dryer is among the most valuable appliances in your home or business premises. Therefore, we ensure that only qualified technicians come to repair it when you book an appointment with us.

Our technicians have a vast industry experience with a proven track record of delivering excellent services with every appointment. We’re proud that our business comes from referrals by our satisfied and happy customers. Trust that your dryer will be in safe hands once you hire us to repair it.

Comprehensive Dryer Repair in Pinehurst, Texas

Our technicians have a proven record of catering to all the dryer repair needs of our customers. We believe that a faulty dryer shouldn’t inconvenience you in your laundry room longer than necessary. Therefore, we always have a technician ready to fix your faulty dryer whenever it malfunctions.

Our experts will provide a lasting solution upon enlisting our service regardless of your dryer problem. What’s more, we can service and perform maintenance practices on your appliance. That means you’ve no reason to wait for your dryer to break down to contact us. Instead, call us whenever you suspect an issue with your machine, and we will fix and improve its performance.

Among the dryer problems that we repair include: 

  • Dryer burning clothes: This appliance should use the correct heat amount to dry clothes. If it produces excess heat, your item will burn. And this can happen if the machine has a clogged vent, faulty glides, or bad rollers. Call us to fix your dryer if you notice this problem.
  • Dryer vibrating or making loud noises: Modern dryers have a vibration and noise reduction feature. So, if the appliance makes loud noises or vibrates, something is wrong. Call us to inspect your dryer and fix the problem if you notice this sign.
  • Dryer not drying clothes: If your dryer completes a cycle without drying clothes, something is not correct. Call us to inspect the machine and fix the problem to restore its optimal performance.
  • The dryer doesn’t run: Maybe you’ve checked all the power sources and wiring to ascertain that everything is okay, but the problem persists. In that case, something could be wrong with the internal components. Our technicians can inspect the machine, pinpoint the problem, and fix it.
  • Dryer starts and then shuts down: Maybe your appliance starts and then shuts down before completing a cycle. This problem occurs when a dryer has a faulty thermal resistor or thermostat. Our technicians can fix the problem by replacing the defective part.

We cater to all dryer repair needs of domestic and commercial clients in the region. Our technicians have everything it takes to repair all dryer types and models. Regardless of your dryer’s make, model, brand, or age, our technicians will assess and fix its problem.

We handle every dryer with the utmost respect and professionalism. So, don’t hesitate to call Southwest Appliance Repair when your dryer starts acting up. We guarantee you a dryer repair service you will be glad to recommend to friends and relatives.

Hire Us to Repair Your Dryer Today!

Maybe your dryer keeps sending a code error, making unusual noises, or having other problems. Perhaps, you have always postponed the repair, thinking it’s a minor issue that will go away without repair. You might also lack time to schedule a dryer repair appointment. But a dryer is an essential appliance in your household or business. If you don’t fix a minor issue with this appliance, it could escalate into a bigger problem requiring its replacement. To avoid this, allow our technicians to repair your appliance and service it to restore its optimal performance.

We’re a highly professional team with vast hands-on experience repairing all appliance brands, makes, and models. Since we understand your frustrations and inconvenience when this appliance malfunctions, we respond promptly, fixing it whenever it malfunctions. Remember, using a faulty dryer could cause a house fire and injuries to your loved ones. Please don’t let this happen when you can fix the damage to your appliance with a single phone call. We charge the most reasonable dryer repair prices and ensure the ultimate satisfaction of every customer.

Call us to book your dryer repair in Pinehurst, Texas, now!

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