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With regular, proper maintenance and care, a freezer can last between 12 and 20 years. But you can open your freezer expecting to feel an arctic chill as usual. Unfortunately, semi-melted ice cream and a cool breeze could meet you. And this immediately tells you that your appliance needs repair. At Southwest Appliance Repair, we have competent technicians offering the best freezer repair in Tomball, Texas.

Modern freezers come with complex technology. Thus, not every refrigerator repair technician can fix a faulty freezer. Consequently, we’ve hired the most qualified technicians to provide our freezer repairs. These specialists have vast industry experience and a proven track record of fixing all freezer problems safely and efficiently.

We know that a freezer is a valuable appliance in a modern home or business. It lets you save money by avoiding food wastage. In some cases, this appliance enables homeowners to freeze pizza, host special events, or prepare meals in advance. That means a faulty freezer can be a great inconvenience. Southwest Appliance Repair is the team to contact when your freezer stops working.

Signs That You Need Freezer Repair in Tomball, Texas

The temperature of your freezer should always be at zero degrees Fahrenheit or below to keep the food frozen. The items you store in your freezer can’t spoil at this temperature. What’s more, bacteria can’t grow in your food. But your appliance can develop a problem that may necessitate its repair. Here’s how to know your freezer requires repair.

  • Faulty condenser coils: The most common freezer problem is the inability to cool the condenser coils. And this happens when debris, dirt, grime, or dirt coat the condenser coils preventing them from performing correctly. Our crew can clean the condenser coils safely and professionally to restore the optimal performance of your freezer.
  • Faulty thermostatic switches: This problem is not as common as condenser issues. However, thermostatic controls can also fail. Use a voltmeter or bypass its switch altogether to test whether the appliance has this problem. To do this, unplug the device or remove its control panel if you’re handy. That way, you can use alligator clips to jump the switch. You know that the controller is the problem if the appliance starts cooling after plugging the unit back. And you can replace or order the button.
  • Other problems: Maybe your freezer still has issues after bypassing the thermostatic switch or cleaning the condenser coils. In that case, your appliance could have a problem with the sealed or defrost system. In that case, our appliance repairers can help you determine the problem and fix it.

We aim to leave you with an optimally performing freezer because we know the value of this appliance. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you detect a problem with your device.

Fixing All Freezer Problems

Freezer Repair Cost San Antonio

We’re specialists in freezer repair. Therefore, no freezer problem is too complex for us to fix. What’s more, we repair all freezer types, including chest units, upright freezers, refrigerator-freezer combos, and drawer freezers.

Contact us to fix any of these problems:

  • Freezer not turning on
  • Over-cooling freezer
  • Freezer not maintaining a consistent temperature
  • Damaged or defective door seals
  • Freezer makes an unusual noise when running

Our technicians can address faulty safety switches, bad evaporator fans, and malfunctioning defrosts control timers. Fixing some of these issues may involve touching dangerous parts of your appliance. Thus, repairing your freezer without the necessary skills, experience, and tools could be hazardous. And that’s precisely why you should call Southwest Appliance Repair.

Why Hire Southwest Appliance Repair to Fix Your Faulty Freezer

Hiring qualified appliance repair technicians is the best way to restore the optimal performance of your freezer. At Southwest Appliance Repair, we know that a freezer is among the most valuable appliances in your home or business. For this reason, you want to maintain its proper functioning at all times.

Our crew comprises the most competent specialists ready to repair your faulty freezer. Even after undergoing rigorous industry training, only technicians with vast experience provide our freezer repair services in Tomball, Texas. That means your defective machine will be in safe hands upon enlisting our services.

Here are more reasons to hire us to repair your freezer:

  • Qualified freezer repair experts
  • Warranty on parts and artistry
  • Upfront pricing
  • Affordable and quality services
  • Friendly and courteous professionals
  • Timely service based on your schedule

We’re local appliance repair technicians with an exceptional reputation for providing innovative, affordable, and quality services. Whether you need repair for a residential or commercial freezer, we have the necessary expertise to fix it. What’s more, we fix all freezer makes, models, and brands, including Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, KitchenAid, Revco, Kelvinator, and LG.

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Maybe you need emergency freezer repair. Perhaps, you’ve just noticed that your appliance is no longer functioning optimally. Regardless of the condition of your machine, Southwest Appliance Repair has technicians ready to repair it. Our courteous, highly trained technicians will come over to fix your faulty appliance as quickly as possible.

Whether your freezer is an older or a newer model doesn’t matter because our service vans have every part or tool the technicians will require to repair it. What’s more, we’re flexible, meaning you can schedule your appliance repair appointment at the most convenient time for you.

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