Same Day Services Are Offered Upon Location & Availability

Southwest Appliance Repair Houston Texas offers the best same day refrigerator repair Houston solutions. If you have a refrigerator that is not running, give us a call. We repair all makes, models and brands of refrigerators.

Refrigerator Not Cooling Well

If you have a refrigerator that is not cooling even with clean condenser coils and tight door seals, its thermostat could be the problem. The compressor can also be the problem. Nevertheless, we can repair it. Just give us a call to have your faulty refrigerator checked by an expert. In some cases, replacing the refrigerator can make more economic sense than repairing it. But there are cases when repair is more reasonable. Call us anytime to have your faulty refrigerator checked by our competent specialists.

Moisture on Seals or Puddle under a Refrigerator

This problem can occur when the mini heater or mullion heater that is embedded in a refrigerator burns out. This heater is responsible for countering condensation. Faulty door seal can also be a problem. But, regardless of the cause of this problem, call us to schedule same day refrigerator repair Houston appointment. Our technicians will come over equipped with the right tools ready to repair your faulty refrigerator. We also use genuine parts to repair all major refrigerator brands.

Strange Noises coming from the Fridge

If the refrigerator compressor has a shot, the appliance can produce a thumping sound. A squealing sound can be due to a faulty freezer fan. In any case, we can repair your faulty appliance. Our goal is to ensure that we leave your refrigerator running smoothly and efficiently.

A faulty refrigerator is not energy efficient. Trying to repair it yourself can lead to further damage. Therefore, we focus on fixing your appliance efficiently and professionally. Don’t risk paying more energy bills due to a faulty refrigerator.

Call us now to schedule same day refrigerator repair Houston appointment with the leading industry experts!