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Southwest Appliance Repair Houston Texas is a team of experts that have been offering the small appliance repair Houston has depended on over the years. We repair and service all small appliances. Regardless of the brand, make or model of your small appliance, we can repair it. Just give us a call with details of your small appliance and when you want us to repair it.

Our team is made of technicians that have undergone thorough industry training in the repair of small appliances. We know the importance of small appliances to your household. Despite being small, these appliances can cause serious inconveniences in your household when they malfunction. Our goal is to ensure that this does not happen by offering you efficient and professional small appliance repairs.

Small Appliance Repair Houston Relies On

The residents of Houston, Texas have relied on us for small appliances repairs over the years. Some of the small appliances that we are called to repair most of the times include microwave, toaster/toaster oven, and wine cooler among others. If your microwave is not producing a light while cooking or when the door opens, call us to have a look at it. We also repair problems with oven doors, touch pad, loud noises, loud buzzing, and longer cooking times.

If your toaster has a bad timer, brown fuse, bad thermostat, and doors that are not closing, we can repair it. We also repair a wine cooler that is not turning on, producing loud noise, too humid inside, too warm temperature, and frost buildup among other issues.

Our goal is to ensure that your small appliances are serving the purpose for which you bought them. Don’t let a problem with your small appliance interfere with smooth operation of your household.

Call us now to get small appliance repair Houston residents have trusted for years!