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Washer Repair in the Woodlands Texas

 Are you in urgent need of washer repair in Woodlands, Texas? Worry no more because our qualified team of technicians is readily available to help you. We have a team of experienced service providers who will arrive at your doorstep immediately after you call us for an efficient and cost-effective task. We understand that it is very frustrating to do your laundry, but your washer doesn’t work right.

Any modern household needs a washing machine, and when it breaks down, it could be very troublesome. If it breaks down during the washing process, you will need to call for urgent repair. That’s when you contact us. Our technicians are always on standby to attend to all our customer needs. 

You might think that hiring a handyperson to repair your washer is the cheaper alternative, but it might be way more expensive. The handyman may lack the experience and reliability that our team possesses. Our service department has a legacy of years’ experience in appliance repair and a group of specially trained technicians at your service. You can confidently choose us to conduct all repairs, including whenever you need them urgently.

Signs That You Need to Call for Washer Repair in The Woodlands, Texas

If you have trouble with your washer, you have come to the right place. Maybe you have witnessed unusual happenings with your washer, but you are not sure if it’s a sign that it is faulty. Worry not because here is an outline of the most common problems and what they mean:

The Laundry is Not Clean

The work of the washer is to wash your clothes. After putting clothes in the washer, the expected outcome is to get them out once clean. But finding them not clean is a worrying factor. Finding your clothes still dirty or uneven wetness should confirm an issue.

Uncleaned clothes could result from a part that is not working or the sensor. Our repair technicians will look at why your machine is not starting or doing your laundry. The problem could be as simple as overfilling laundry or not using enough detergent, but you need to call a technician if the washer doesn’t startup.


Whenever any machine starts to squeak, there is a problem. It might be a significant concern to you, but no need to worry because our technicians will come to take a look and solve the problem.

Sensors and Code Errors

 New machines have sensors that help get your clothes washed. They are present in most newer machine models, including the stackable and front loading. You could observe an error in various circumstances. You might need to call us if you see too much water, stopping cycles, and bubbles in the window.

Our experts are well-trained in dealing with sensors, and you will need professional repair to keep your machine working.

You Find Water in the Drum

Imagine opening your washer and finding it filled with water. And this is a sign to watch.  

You may also find that although your machine usually starts, the clothes are soaking wet when the cycle is complete.

The Washer Starts and Stops

Your washer should start washing automatically, but starting and stopping it could be a problem. If it needs switching off and restarting, it may have a sensor problem. It could also signal a mechanical issue or a broken part. Please call us immediately to prevent further damage.

The Spin Cycle Doesn’t Spin

When your washer is not spinning does not necessarily mean that you need a new one. It could be a minor problem that a technician can fix. The machine needs a spin cycle to clean clothes and remove water in the drum adequately.

Instead of buying a new machine, you can consult our washer specialists who will come and inspect the damage. They will repair your washer, and it will serve you for more years. They will also advise you if you need to get a new one.

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A broken washer means you have to pay for laundry or do hand washing which is a challenging experience. You start searching for where to get washer repair in the Woodlands, Texas. Instead of going through that trouble, why not give us a call. South West Appliance Repair should be on your speed dial because we understand the problem with a broken washer.

We have fixed faulty washers for several years, and we understand the old and new models and the troubles they could have. Apart from repairing washers, we also repair other household appliances. Our shop is also stocked with new appliances if you need to upgrade to a more unique model or buy for the first time. Call us, and we will fix your washer problems. Our company is here to serve you.