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San Antonio Microwave Repair Services

A microwave oven is one of the main kitchen appliances that are found in almost every home and eatery in San Antonio. In fact, an estimated 90% of the total American population uses microwave ovens in their kitchens. This makes microwave oven repair in San Antonio a very important service for most homes and food establishments. Microwave ovens cook tastier meals in lesser time than gas burners. This makes them very convenient to use. Additionally, a microwave oven has lower energy consumption.
When your microwave oven develops a problem, contacting an expert for immediate diagnosis and proper repair is the best way to restore functionality. Generally, several issues can be addressed through professional microwave oven repair
They include;

Got a microwave oven that won’t start or starts by itself?

Faulty cables, power supply connection and a blown line fuse can prevent your microwave from starting properly. The user manual of the appliance shows how to connect it to the power supply. In case the power cable is faulty and the line fuse is blown, these parts should be replaced.
If after following the above procedures the microwave oven is still dead, other components like thermal fuse, transformer, and diodes could be the issue. These can be more complex and they usually require a professional to diagnose the problem and fix it. It’s worth noting that in some microwave ovens, the system clocks should be first set before they can start.

A microwave oven that starts by itself shows malfunction in the relay or triac and controller. The first step should be to reset the appliance to correct the fault. If it still persists, the problem could be entrenched in the touchpad or power supply. The touchpad is a sensitive component whose diagnosis and repair should be left to an expert.

Is your microwave oven not heating up?

The main cause of this fault is failure of the magnetron tube that produces the required energy for heating food. The magnetron tube can easily burn out if the appliance is left to run while empty. Based on the extent of the impact, the magnetron can either be repaired or replaced.
Another reason a microwave oven won’t heat is a malfunction of the door switches. Failure in any of the three door switches could result in a lack of heating. Such hitches require a careful diagnosis of the switches for continuity using an Ohm meter.
Other faults that could hinder a microwave oven from heating include a defective high voltage capacitor, thermal fuse, thermo-protector, faulty diodes, and failure of the transformer. Unlike other microwave components, identifying the problem and fixing it in these areas can be very challenging. That’s why you should leave the job to a professional appliance repair company like South West Appliance Repair.

Got faulty microwave buttons?

Microwave ovens whose buttons fail to work could be experiencing issues with the control panels. The panels can be damaged by accidents in the kitchen or miscommunication between the components. This problem can be addressed by unplugging the appliance for a few minutes to see if it can reset itself. In some cases, simply opening and closing the door could help with its re-activation. However, some microwave oven models require the doors to be closed for the control panel or touchpad to work.

Professional microwave oven repair in San Antonio can address other problems. These include microwave oven plates or turntables that won’t spin, faulty microwave oven light bulbs, sparks inside the microwave oven, microwave oven that suddenly stops while in use, and a microwave oven door that won’t open, among others.