Cost of Washing Machine Repair San Antonio

The cost of washing machine repair San Antonio estimates is one of the major factors that people consider when deciding to repair or replace this appliance. Basically, when your washing machine breaks down, expect to pay between $51 and $350 for its diagnosis, parts replacement, and troubleshooting of the problem.

A washing machine is an important appliance in most households. Depending on the brand, make and model of your washing machine, you may pay up to $400 for its repair. This is most likely the case when something complex like the washer motor or transmission needs repair.

But, regardless of the problem of the washing machine, repair for the basic top-loading washer with agitators is less than that of top-loading machines that are new and more efficient. Front-loading machines cost more to repair than high-energy efficient top loaders.

Brand Influence on Repair Cost

The brand of your washing machine will influence the cost of its repair. That’s because specific models and brands like Whirlpool, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Kenmore, GE, Bosch, and Frigidaire have their idiosyncrasies. For instance, there are front-loading washing machine brands that leak more often. On the other hand, some brands of top-loading washing machines tend to spin out of control or too fast.

Cost of Repair for Different Washing Machine Problems

Some problems are common among washing machines regardless of their brands.

These include:

  • Running motor without agitation- This can be due to a broken coupling or belt. This problem costs between $95 and $145 to repair.
  • Leaking, draining, or filling problem- This is caused by a clogged or defective pump, water-fill valve, or temperature switch. Fixing this problem costs between $120 and $225.
  • Motor not running- This can be caused by defective switches, timers or other parts. The motor itself can also be defective. This problem costs between $95 and $250 to fix.
  • Loud banging or excessive vibration- This can be caused by faulty suspension springs or bearings. The cost of repair for this problem ranges between $65 and $185.

Basically, these are general washing machine repair estimates. Call Southwest Appliance Repair SA to get a more accurate cost of washing machine repair San Antonio estimate!