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Anytime you use your dryer, you expect it to give you dry, warm clothes. But, if you pull out wet clothes, you definitely realize that you need dryer appliance repair in San Antonio service. This is the obvious sign that something is wrong with your appliance. However, there are other subtle signs that should compel you to schedule dryer repair.

At Southwest Appliance Repair SA, we offer professional and efficient dryer repairs. We have been in the industry for years fixing a wide range of dryer problems. We offer professional solutions to dryer problems at reasonable prices. Call us anytime you notice the following signs of a faulty dryer.

Strange Noises

Your dryer produces some noise when in proper working condition especially if there are zipper hoodies that are tumbling around. However, if the appliance produces unusually thumping or loud noises, something is wrong. The dryer belt could be loose. Therefore, don’t wait for the belt to break down completely to schedule its repair. Instead, call Southwest Appliance Repair SA immediately.

Dryer Not Spinning

Your dryer could be running properly but its drum not spinning. This is a sign that your appliance could be having a belt problem. Essentially, this indicates that the entire appliance is not broken. It just needs repair for some of its part or reattaching the belt. Our team can diagnose this problem and repair it. Just give us a call to schedule your dryer repair.

Clothes Take Longer to Dry Completely

Perhaps, your dryer used to dry clothes within 40 minutes when you bought it but now it takes twice this amount of time. This should tell you that something is wrong with your appliance. The sensor or dryer belt could be broken. It could also be an electrical issue. In that case, call us to diagnose and fix the problem.

These are the major signs that your dryer appliance needs repair. Southwest Appliance Repair SA understands the importance of your dryer. We offer quick and professional dryer repairs. Call us now to schedule dryer appliance repair San Antonio appointment!