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Are you looking for the best dryer technician San Antonio expert? Then get in touch with Southwest Appliance Repair SA now. If a faulty dryer has ever compelled you to air dry your wet clothes, you know the energy and time that a dryer saves you. When your dryer is not functioning properly, it can leave you with clothes that feel damp after a drying cycle. It can also take longer to dry wet clothes. That means you will have less time to do the things you love. However, you can avoid this by engaging a reputable dryer technician.

Our service will save you time and money by ensuring that you have an optimally functioning dryer. We have experienced technicians that will fix a wide range of dryer problems efficiently and professionally. Some of the dryer problems that our technician can fix include the following:

Air Vent Cleaning

Perhaps, your dryer has a dirty air vent that has decreased its efficiency or caused more complex problems like a blown fuse. Maybe it has compromised its heating elements. This could be the reason why clothes are still damp even after going through a complete drying cycle. It could also be the reason you have noticed excessive heat that radiates from your unit or a burning smell. Regardless of the case, we can fix this problem. Just give us a call with details of your dryer when scheduling a repair appointment.

Blown Thermal Fuse

Dryers need power to function. As such, they come with safety mechanisms that prevent overheating. If you notice that your dryer is spinning when you turn it on but not heating, a blown thermal fuse could be the problem. High-limit thermostat or thermal cutoff could also be the culprit. These mechanisms are generally damaged by a restriction in the airflow from the vent. Call us anytime your dryer develops this problem and we will repair it.

Broken Belt

If your dryer has a broken belt, the drum won’t spin properly. The belt of your dryer can be worn out due to continued use. The added friction from the impeded drum support bearings or rollers can also lead to its damage. But, regardless of what leads to this damage, our technician can fix the problem.

We are conversant with different dryer problems. Our technician will come to your home equipped with the right tools to do the repair job efficiently, conveniently, safely and professionally. Call us now if you need help of a dryer technician San Antonio expert!