San Antonio Fix Washer and Dryer

You need San Antonio fix washer and dryer service when your appliance malfunctions. If you have an appliance that is not functioning the way it should, something is definitely wrong with it. To restore its optimal performance, call an expert to have a look at it.

Underperforming washer and dryer can lead to disarray in a household. Instead of wasting time trying to fix your appliance problem and risk damaging it further, let our experts do the job. We have the necessary skills, experience, and tools to tend to the needs of your washer and dryer. With our extensive knowledge and experience, you are guaranteed that your appliance will be up and running in no time.

Among the washer and dryer problems that we repair include:

  • Leaking washer- This occurs when a washer has worn hoses that need replacement.
  • Washer drain and spin- If a washer is not spinning or draining properly, it might be clogged and in need of filter replacement. We can identify and fix this problem.
  • Excessively loud washer- This can be due to a damaged drive pulley, overused clutch assembly, or failed bearing of the tube. Our technicians will be glad to fix this problem.
  • Blown dryer thermal fuse- This is caused by a limit in airflow from a vent and there could be parts that need replacement.
  • Damaged dryer belt- Dryer belt can start to deteriorate and eventually need replacement. Call us and we will fix the problem.

A washer brings salvation into a household. It is the appliance that makes washing piles of linens and clothes easy in a household. This appliance brings comfort into a household. Similarly, your dryer gives you the freedom to wear any outfit your desire. That’s because you can wash and dry your clothes in a very short time when you have a washer and dryer. So, when a washer or dryer malfunctions, you feel greatly inconvenienced. Nevertheless, you don’t have to let this inconvenience frustrate you longer.

Call Southwest Appliance Repair SA now to hire experts that offer quality San Antonio fix washer and dryer service!