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There are many reasons why you may schedule a gas stove repair service in San Antonio appointment. Perhaps, you have noticed that your gas stove is not heating up when about to start preparing meals. Well, don’t panic. Instead, call Southwest Appliance Repair SA.

We have a team of certified gas stove repair technicians with extensive knowledge and experience. Even when your gas stove stops working when least expected, our local appliance repair technicians will come over and fix it. In the meantime, our experienced gas stove repairmen share some of the reasons why you may need to schedule your gas stove repair with us.

Faulty Selector Switch

This is the component that determines the settings for temperature on a gas stove. After some time, it can be damaged or stop working completely. The glitch can be caused by faulty wiring or sensors. Condensation buildup or old age can also cause this problem. Our technicians can come over to your home and fix this problem.

Calibration Problem

You may notice that your gas stove is getting too hot or not heating up. In that case, the calibration of your gas stove may need adjusting because it is most likely off. Our appliance repair technicians will adjust the calibration of your appliance and restore its proper functioning.

Faulty Igniter

The igniter of a gas stove allows the gas valve of the oven to open up so that gas can be ignited. Our technician can check the igniter to determine if it is faulty. If this is the problem, they will replace the faulty igniter.

Faulty Sensor Bulb

A burned out bulb can be the reason your gas stove is not working. A sensor bulb is responsible for continuous monitoring of the temperature of the gas stove. When damaged, this bulb may need replacement or repair. There are cases when the bulb gets loose thereby requiring a tighter screw at the socket.

Faulty Gas Regulator

This is the stove part that is in an “on” position. Bumping or shaking can switch the regulator off accidentally. Locating the switch in some models and makes of gas stove can be a challenge. For purposes of safety, call Southwest Appliance SA to have the regulator restored to its position.

A malfunctioned gas stove should not ruin your day. That’s because professional help is just a phone call away. Call us now to engage the best gas stove repair service San Antonio option.