GE Ice Maker Repair San Antonio

Are you having problems with your GE ice maker? Then schedule your GE ice maker repair San Antonio appointment with Southwest Appliance Repair SA. This ice maker is very common in refrigerator units. However, it is not easy to fix when it breaks down for people that are not familiar with the operations of appliances.

A GE ice maker works with a water inlet valve and a thermostat. The water inlet valve is responsible for supplying water to your unit from the tube at the back. A GE ice maker malfunction can occur in this area.

Nevertheless, GE ice makers are made to provide ready ice supply on demand for years. Your refrigerator can come with this ice maker or you can have it added as an accessory. Nevertheless, an ice maker is mostly part of your refrigerator. Southwest Appliance Repair SA is your reliable partner when it comes to fixing a faulty GE ice maker.

Among the GE ice maker problems that we fix include:

  • GE ice maker with poor ice production- Perhaps, your appliance is producing very few or too small ice cubes. In that case, the water line could be clogged. However, you may need cleaning, replacement, or repair of the tubing. The inlet valve or thermostat could also be faulty. Our technicians can check your appliance and fix the problem.
  • Not frizzing water- Before anything else, check the ice maker to ensure that you have turned it on. Also, make sure that the water supply has been turned on and that the appliance has enough water pressure for getting it via the unit. Southwest Appliance Repair SA will help you if unable to do this.
  • Dispensers’ problem- If your ice maker has malfunctioned dispensers, ice jam could be the problem. Clear this blockage first.

Basically, these are some of the problems that can lead to a malfunction of your GE ice maker. If unable to identify and fix the problem of your appliance, schedule your GE ice maker repair San Antonio appointment with us now!