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Do you need a refrigerator compressor repair in San Antonio service? Then contact Southwest Appliance Repair SA right away. A refrigerator compressor is a pump and a motor that moves a cooling refrigerant via a refrigerator system. Any hike in temperature is detected and the compressor is signaled to initiate the cooling process. The cold refrigerant gas is drawn by the compressor and pressure is put on this gas in order to compress it. Compression of this gas increases the temperature. This compels the compressor to push it out and because of the high pressure, the gas becomes a liquid while cooling down.

This liquid is eventually forced via a small hole where it is turned into a cold mist while flowing to the refrigerator’s expansion valve. The mist evaporates while moving via the coils thereby drawing heat from the surrounding air. The liquid is compressed again as coils lead to the compressor again. This cycle continues to ensure that the temperature in the refrigerator remains within the set range.

Let Experts Repair Your Faulty Refrigerator Compressor

Over time, the compressor of your refrigerator will be torn down. When this happens, your refrigerator will have difficulties in maintaining the set temperature. Fortunately, you can have your refrigerator compressor checked by our technicians. Our team will take a closer look at your refrigerator compressor to know if there are parts that should be replaced to restore its performance.

We have the skills, experience and tools to repair your refrigerator compressor and install it back on-site. Our technicians will check the compressor and all components that affect the performance of your refrigerator system. These include the oil pump, oil separator, piping and filters. This is very important because it ensures that the compressor is not blocked by debris. We also perform a vibration analysis.

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The compressor of your refrigerator is the part that keeps the entire system cool. If you don’t have it repaired properly by experts, you might have issues with other parts of your refrigerator. Our technicians have the necessary expertise and tools to do this repair.

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