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‘I think I need a refrigerator service near me.’ You have probably said this when you suspect that your refrigerator is no longer serving you the way it did when you bought it. This appliance plays a very important role in providing storage for perishable foods. It keeps dairy products, fresh produce, and raw meat among other foods from going bad. However, there are times when this appliance needs servicing to maintain its optimal performance.

Generally, you may not think that your refrigerator needs regular servicing. But, proper refrigerator servicing, installation, and repair are necessary to ensure that your supplies remain fresh and cool. Essentially, you should service your refrigerator on regular basis just like you service your car. Here are common signs that you should engage a refrigerator service near you.


If you notice water droplets in the interior of your refrigerator whenever you open it, this should signal you to have the appliance serviced. Condensation inside your refrigerator’s system implies that this appliance is not cooling down properly. In that case, examine its rubber sealing on the door. Condensation problems can be due to mold or mildew on this sealing. Call Southwest Appliance Repair SA and we will be glad to address the issue.

Over-heated Motor

There is a motor in every refrigerator. It is not uncommon for this motor to become warm. But, if the motor becomes overheated, it could be a sign that your appliance needs servicing. That’s because this might indicate that something else is not okay with the appliance. The motor becomes overheated when required to work more to compensate for other components’ flaws.

Spoiling Food

If perishable food items spoil before their shelf-life as indicated on their packaging, it could be a sign that your appliance needs servicing. The food items that you store in your appliance should not go bad before the use-by date that is indicated in their packaging. Therefore, service your appliance if this happens.

Buzzing Sound

This is a major reason why many appliance owners say I need refrigerator service near me. A refrigerator makes some noise. However, if this noise becomes excessive, it shows that your appliance needs servicing. A component like a compressor could be the cause of excessive noise when faulty. Your refrigerator should be whirring quietly. But, a persistently buzzing refrigerator is faulty. Call Southwest Appliance Repair SA to schedule your refrigerator servicing with experienced professionals.

High Energy Bills

High energy bills show that your refrigerator is inefficient. And this should compel you to schedule refrigerator servicing immediately especially when you notice a drastic increase in energy bills without additional appliance. Call us immediately to have your refrigerator inspected and repaired.

Maintaining a refrigerator entails scheduling its servicing on regular basis. Southwest Appliance Repair SA has experts that have been servicing different makes and models of different refrigerator brands. Our technicians will come over and service your appliance promptly and professionally. Stop asking, who offers the best refrigerator service near me and call Southwest Appliance Repair SA anytime.