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Call Southwest Appliance Repair SA to schedule washer and dryer repair San Antonio appointment. If you have a washer that is not working properly, you may have a load of dirty clothes and linens in your laundry room. If the problem persists, you may start taking clothes to the Laundromat or bothering your neighbor by asking them to let you use their washer and dryer. But, you can avoid all this by scheduling your washer and dryer repair with us.

We are experienced appliance repair technicians that will fix your faulty washer and dryer regardless of its brand. We fix a wide range of washer and dryer problems in a professional and efficient manner. Use our service to save time and money because repairing your washer and dryer is cheaper and efficient than purchasing a new appliance.

Signs that You Should Schedule Washer and Dryer Repairs

Ideally, you should not have trouble with your washer when it comes to washing clothes. After throwing clothes in the appliance and turning it on, you should forget that you did it and wait for the appliance to make a complete cycle. But, if you get clothes that are soaking in water after a cycle, something is wrong with the appliance.

Schedule washer and dryer repair if:

We are experienced technicians that have been repairing washer and dryer for years. We have fixed these and other problems of washers and dryers over the years. Regardless of the current problem of your appliance, trust us to fix it promptly and efficiently.

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