San Antonio Washer and Dryer Technician

Do you need help of a San Antonio washer and dryer technician? Then contact Southwest Appliance Repair SA now. We have skilled and experienced technicians that can handle any washer and dryer problem. We know that most washer and dryer problems occur when least expected. Our experienced technicians have the expertise required to assess the needs of your washer and dryer in a thoroughly, knowledgeable and timely manner.

Some of the washer and dryer problems that our technicians fix include:

  • Dryer or washer not turning off or on
  • Malfunctioned control panel
  • Loud vibrations or sounds
  • The appliance stops mid-cycle
  • Washer having excess water
  • Washer basket not spinning or spinning slowly
  • Dryer running without heating
  • Dryer not producing enough heat to dry clothes

To ensure that we offer you efficient and cost-effective washer and dryer repairs, we keep our technicians updated on the latest developments in appliance repair technology. In fact, our technicians complete training sessions every year. Therefore, rest assured that your washer and dryer will be in safe hands once you engage our service.

Reliable Washer and Dryer Services

We are the most competent washer and dryer repair technicians in San Antonio. Our training, experience and use of the latest tools in the industry enable us to fix all types of washer and dryer malfunctions.

Once you engage our service, you enjoy:

  • A quality service that is offered by qualified and seasoned technician
  • A service that comes with guarantees
  • Repairs done using genuine parts
  • Repair for your appliance regardless of its make or model

Whether you have the newest or the oldest washer and dryer model our technicians have the necessary skills, experience and tools to repair it when faulty. We can also service your appliance to keep it running optimally. Call us now to get help from the best San Antonio washer and dryer technician!