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You need washing repair if your appliance is not working at all or as expected. A washing machine is one of the most used appliances. And the sooner you notice a problem with your appliance and have it fixed the less the possibility of having to replace it. Essentially, washing machine problems are less costly to repair when fixed early.

At Southwest Appliance Repair, we provide superior washing machine repair services. Our services are offered by experts that know how exactly your appliance works. Turn to us when you notice any of the following issues with your washing machine:

  • Your washing machine won’t turn on- This is mostly caused by an off-balance, tripped switch from the imbalanced load. The problem can be fixed by redistributing linens or clothes. If this doesn’t work, call us for assistance.
  • Poorly spinning washing machine- If a wash cycle ends and clothes are still soaked, it means your washer is not spinning properly. This can be caused by a defective lid plunger or lid switch, damaged wires, or worn-out or broken belts. Call us to schedule your washing repair if you have this problem.
  • No agitation- This problem has many causes including a defective agitator assembly, drive belt, transmission mode lever, wigwag lifter/plunger, or even drive spindle. A bad lid switch, internal timer contact, or pressure switch can cause this problem. But, regardless of the cause, we will fix the problem.
  • Excess vibration- Poor leveling or a weakened floor may cause this problem. It can also be due to worn snubber pads or damper pad. Call us any time and we will fix the problem.
  • Leaks- Lose hoses, excess soap, leaking pump, or clog in the drain pipe can cause this problem. Call us anytime and we will repair your appliance.
  • Soap and spots on clothes- Malfunctioned transmission oil can cause spots on clothes. Soap on clothes after a wash cycle can be due to sediments-clogged cold-water valve that leaves soap on clothes.

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Our team has repaired many washing machines in San Antonio. We can also fix the problem of your appliance regardless of how complex it seems. Call us now to schedule your washing repair!