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Hiring a service washing machine San Antonio expert will keep your appliance functioning properly, longer. Whether your washing machine is from the 90s or one of the latest front-loading washers, it needs servicing to function better. Even more, your appliance will need repair at some point. For instance, if your appliance produces a strange sound during a wash cycle, you should have it checked by an experienced appliance repair technician.

At Southwest Appliance Repair, we know the importance of a washing machine in your household. Our goal is to ensure that you have a properly functioning washing machine throughout. Trust us to help you avoid common washing machine problems by servicing your appliance professionally.

Keep the Spin Mechanism in Proper Condition

If your washing machine is not agitating or spinning, it means that its spin mechanism is not working properly. And, you can see this during the wash cycle. But, before you open the lid to see if this mechanism has been obstructed, turn the machine off. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do this when experienced technicians are simply a phone call away. Our appliance technicians will service your washing machine and keep its spin mechanism in proper working condition.

Keep Noise at the Minimum

Your washing machine should produce minimal noise while running. However, if the sound becomes unusually loud and constant, you should be concerned. That’s because an unusually loud noise means that its tub bearing needs replacement. It could also signal a problem with the tub seal or drum. Fortunately, we can service your washing machine to ensure that it produces minimal or healthy noise while operating.

Avoid Shaking of the Washing Machine

A washing machine can vibrate at some point during a wash cycle. But, if the whole machine vibrates, shakes, and bounces, something is definitely wrong. For instance, vibration and shaking can indicate a problem with the shock absorbers. The suspension could also have a problem. Nevertheless, our technicians will check all these while servicing your appliance.

Prevent Washing Machine Leaks

If a washing machine starts to leak, you should call us right away. That’s because water and electricity don’t mix. A leaking washing machine can be due to a broken drain pipe. Fortunately, our technicians will fit a replacement while servicing your machine.

Generally, washing machines act up some times. Nevertheless, your washing machine will last longer and serve you better when you make sure that it is serviced regularly.

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