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Washer repair

Looking For A Washer Repair Expert?

Washer is among the most used home appliances. But, most homeowners do not recognize the importance of this appliance until it malfunctions. If you are in Texas and you need washer repair, call us to book an appointment. We fix old and new washers whenever they malfunction. Our technicians will respond swiftly to ensure that you get back to doing your laundry as fast as possible.

We Fix All Washing Machine Problems

You are likely to encounter many issues with your washer. However, there are common problems that appliance owners call us to fix.

These include:

  • Motors that do not stop running.
  • Motors not spinning or agitating
  • Water not draining out or flowing into the washer
  • Washer vibrating excessively when running
  • Washer spinning slowly or not spinning at all
  • Water leaking or overflowing from the washer

While some washer issues are easy to address, others are related to improper use. Our skilled technicians will identify and explain the washer problem to you once you hire us. They will also tell you the best way to use your machine so that it does not develop the same problem again.

Fast and Reliable Repairs

We are the experts to call when you want your washer to be fixed immediately so that you can use it again. We know the inconvenience that comes with a malfunctioned washer. As such, we focus on providing fast, reliable and efficient repairs without compromising quality. Our washer repair service is offered by fully trained, certified, and experienced technicians. These are knowledgeable about the normal functioning of your washer. They also know common issues that can hinder its optimal performance.

It will take our technicians minutes to diagnose your washer problem and recommend the best way to fix it. If your washer needs replacement parts, the technician will get them from our inventory. And if we don’t have the parts in our inventory, we can order them for you. Be certain that you will have your appliance up and running within the shortest time possible once you hire us to fix it.

Why Choose Southwest Appliance Repair?

You’ve probably come across many people that offer to fix your faulty washer. However, there are reasons to hire us to repair your faulty washer.

They include:

  • Our repairs are done by fully trained and experienced technicians
  • We use OEM parts to repair washers
  • We don’t charge hidden fees
  • Our service is fast and reliable
  • Our technicians are local and friendly

We repair all makes and models of washers including Hotpoint, Whirlpool, Bosch, Maytag, Samsung, and Kitchen Aid. Our team focuses on ensuring that you enjoy the best experience level. We use fully loaded vans to offer the most efficient appliance repairs in Texas.

What’s more, our customer service is the best. We know that sometimes you realize that you have a faulty washer when about to do your laundry. But, this is not a reason to be inconvenienced. Just call us and we will respond swiftly to help you out. Our customer care representatives will answer your call and help you schedule a repair appointment. You can also call us when you need emergency repair.

Call Us Today!

Get in touch with us to schedule repair the moment you notice a problem with your washer. Whether the machine is not draining, not spinning, or not turning on, we can repair it. Our technicians will also help you prevent washer issues from developing into serious problems. We also provide routine washer maintenance.

Call us now to schedule washer repair with the leading appliance repair engineers!